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Traci and Todd Rodarmel are happily married and want you to be too! Todd is a preferred wedding officiant at many venues and a favorite of high-end planners in California and Tennessee. Traci handles the booking and does weddings herself on occasion. Together they do marriage coaching, speaking, and retreats.

Hire a true professional who has done hundreds of weddings and has the experience to make your ceremony truly special.

Get expert planning guidance, premarital counseling and even marriage coaching.

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We hired Pastor Todd Rodarmel to officiant our wedding and we could not be happier! We set up an appointment prior to our wedding to meet him and go over the ceremony details. We instantly knew Todd was the one for us. During the initial meeting, Todd explained the words he planned on using during our ceremony, as well as additional prayers he could state to enhance the religious aspect. Todd truly made our ceremony unforgettable. So many of our guests raved about his performance. Even my dad said he was the first pastor that really grabbed his attention and he wanted him to keep speaking as he was so fascinated in the words he preached. Todd's humor was inventive and witty. Yet his words were so genuine. We are so happy we hired Pastor Todd and we will definitely recommend him to our loved ones. Todd is a true professional.


Let’s meet, design your dream ceremony and inspire your guests together.

You are spending a lot of money on your wedding. It will be here and gone before you know it. You need an officiant who can make the ceremony meaningful and memorable for you and your guests. Don’t leave it to chance. Call me.

  • If you have a pastor you trust, use them.
  • If price is your most important criteria, try someone cheap.
  • If you want someone experienced you can trust, call me.

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You have the flowers, the dress, the shoes, the caterer, the coordinator and the DJ. You have procrastinated on finding an officiant until now. It’s a big choice and no one can make or break the whole experience like the officiant. They have the mic after all. 

You don’t want your wedding ruined by someone preachy, cheesy, schmoozy, silly or boring. 

You want a warm, meaningful, ceremony where you can make significant vows in front of God and witnesses that you will remember forever. You want your guests to be inspired and have a great time. You don’t want to settle for just anyone if you don’t have a pastor you are close to. 

I have helped hundreds of couples like you plan the ceremony of their dreams. Meaningful vows and symbolic actions will mark this significant day in your life.

Wedding planners love me because I know what I am doing. Photographers love me because I stay out of the way. Couples love me because I make their ceremony unforgettable.

You could put off a decision and have it hanging over your head. You could try to save a few bucks and get the bargain minister. You could ask your uncle Bob. Or you can have the peace of mind to know you are in good hands.





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